Mission statement:

The mission statement of the Salem volunteer fire department Inc. is to protect lives and property from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and exposure to dangerous conditions created either by nature or man, in a progressive, cost effective, and community-oriented manner. We will respond to emergencies through public education and code enforcement. Ethical valves will remain the core of every decision made by each member of our department.


The purpose for which the corporation are organized are to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code, and within such limits:

  1. To recruit and retain firefighters
  2. To train and educate firefighters
  3. To provide fire and rescue services in the Town of Salem and elsewhere as contracts and mutual aid requires;
  4. To own and acquire land and to construct, erect and maintain buildings for Corporate purpose;
  5. To house apparatus and equipment utilized in providing fire protection and rescue services;
  6. To stay abreast of issues affecting the fire service;
  7. To honor the traditions of the Fire department and its members;
  8. To assist and honor present and past firefighters and their families in need of such assistance;
  9. To maintain the reputation and honor of the Fire department throughout the community;
  10. To support fraternal organizations relating to the fire service;
  11. To support issues important to the fire service;
  12. To educate the community in fire prevention;
  13. In accordance with the above, to have and exercise all powers available to corporations organized pursuant to the NOT-FOR-PROFIT Corporation law of the STATE OF NEW YORK.